See Gorgeous Pics of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon Eclipse

The Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse occurred in the wee hours today (Jan. 31), and it did not disappoint. For those with clear skies, and in the right location, the moon slowly inched into the central portion of Earth's shadow, called the umbra, revealing a red-hued ball hanging above the horizon. East Coasters were treated to a partial eclipse, as the full eclipse (when the moon ducked completely into Earth's shadow) occurred when our satellite was below the horizon. Here's a look at some of the best shots being shared online.


The #SuperBlueBloodMoon above the @greenmusicctr early this morning
pc: @BrennanSpark

— Sonoma State (@SSU_1961) January 31, 2018



A View from Karachi, Pakistan. #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Hasan Baloch (@hasanbaluch) January 31, 2018



Its #SuperBlueBloodMoon time across the UK and this is a cracking shot by @AndyCommins79 from Northumberland

— Johnny Goldsmith (@MirrorJohnny) January 31, 2018

No DSLR? but atleast having an Oppo with expert mode is a must!! 013118 Night skies (me) #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— coi(@_nicolaxxx) January 31, 2018



tonight's view from our house ~ #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Àllyssa Fernandez (@allyssafernandz) January 31, 2018



The Moon last night – totally prepped for doing the #SuperBlueBloodMoon thing tonight!

— Emily Osterloff (@EmOsterloff) January 31, 2018


Standing outside barefoot for an hour may not have been the smartest idea, but I'd say it was worth it. #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Kevin Chang (@silverfire) January 31, 2018




Nikon B700 x Lightroom#SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Luis (@Luueesss) January 31, 2018



The intrigue & beauty of science & nature. (‘15 blood moon) #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Georg Papp (@GeorgPapp) January 31, 2018


Tamil Nadu: #SuperBlueBloodMoon in the skies of Chennai

— ANI (@ANI) January 31, 2018



Are you watching the #SuperBlueBloodMoon #IRL or live online? It’s happening now, so don’t miss it! Earth will continue to block the Sun’s light, casting a reddish hue onto the Moon until around 9:07am ET/6:07am PT. Take a look:

— NASA (@NASA) January 31, 2018


I'm still a bit of a novice at photography but here's my #SuperBlueBloodMoon photo!

— Riana Dorsey @ ECCC MM6 (@ArtByRiana) January 31, 2018



I managed to catch some sick shots of the Super Blue Blood Moon in HD. RT to make someone day.#SuperBlueBloodMoon

— hate team10? follow me (@hamiidilo) January 31, 2018



Shot w/ iPhone through 24mm eyepiece and 8" Newtonian reflector. #SuperBlueBloodMoon

— Brandon Finnigan (@B_M_Finnigan) January 31, 2018


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