2014 annual scientific and technological inventions, from nanometers to outer space

Meanwhile, the Mars exploration project continues advancing. India Mangalyaan spacecraft in Mars orbit into the ring in September, followed in December, NASA successfully launched the new Orion, has taken the first step in manned space exploration of Mars.

10. Green energy and clean water

Gave birth to the creation of demand, the greater the demand, the corresponding invention has become even more important. There are 780 million people around the world still can not get clean water, this world-class demand for inventors challenges, namely how to meet the World Health Organization standard for practical water system: easy to get, easy and inexpensive.

This year, an invention is worth to note that the new portable system developed in Switzerland called sunflowers. In addition to convenient transportation, the new system is in use sunlight energy production while also providing energy, frozen food and to purify water.

It will happen next year? We can be sure that in a class of emerging research areas such as automation technology and nano-technology, there will be a surprise waiting for us! US Patent Office issued 300,000 patents in 2013, nearly 30,000 more than the previous year terms. If the patent as a reliable benchmark, new inventions are mushrooming.

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